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ABC Taxis Stevenage Ltd Terms and Conditions
  1. We operate a strict no smoking/drinking/eating policy in all of our vehicles.
  2. We reserve the right to refuse to carry a passenger who is deemed to be a nuisance or a danger to our driver or other
      passengers for whatever reason including but not restricted to being under the influence of drink or drugs.
  3. In the event of a vehicle breakdown we will provide an alternative to the one booked.
  4. It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure they take all of their belongings with them when leaving the vehicle.
      We cannot be held responsible for items left behind. An additional charge may be levied to return lost or forgotten items.
  5. Whilst ABC Taxis Stevenage Ltd make every effort to get you to your destination on time, we cannot be held responsible for
      any unforeseen events which are beyond our control that may cause a delay to your journey.
  6. It is the passenger's responsibility to enter the correct pick up time in accordance with their travel schedule.
      Our recommended lead times for transfer to local airports are as follows:
        Luton - at least 40 minutes
        Stansted - at least 1 hour
        Heathrow - at least 1.5 hours
        Gatwick - at least 2 hours

      (These are guidelines only and consideration should be given to the time/date of travel - ie, rush hour, school times, etc.)
      It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure they have allowed enough time to meet their travel schedule requirements.
  7. For airport pick-ups the passenger MUST enter the correct arrival time, date and flight details.
      We will monitor the flight and send out a vehicle to meet the flight according to the flight data available from the information
      Refunds may NOT be given for incorrect, incomplete or misleading information.
  8. For airport pick-ups drivers will wait for up to 30 Minutes after the flight arrival time. Further waiting time will be charged as
      an extra cost to the customer £18.00 Per Hour. (The driver may choose not to wait in the car park to avoid charges but will
      arrange to meet the customer when contact has been made). Customers should be mindful to give a correct mobile contact
      number for their pick-up - and remember to take a mobile phone charger with them on their journey.
  9. Passengers are advised to give a contact number that is valid AT THE TIME OF PICK-UP so that problems may be averted.
      In the light of any problem the driver will make every effort to contact the passenger.
      However, the passenger MUST ultimately contact the office if a problem arises before making any alternative arrangements.
  10. Passengers that require specific vehicles (e.g., multiseaters/wheelchair accessible or low vehicles for elderly people)
        are strongly advised to contact the office by telephone to ensure that the correct vehicle is sent.
  11. If a passenger has large or unusual luggage we also recommend that the office is contacted (this includes
        children's buggies/golf clubs/snowboards and/or skis) so that proper advice can be obtained.
  12. ABC Taxis Stevenage Ltd reserves the right to withdraw any offer, without notice, and offers may vary from time to time.
        All bookings already made via a particular offer or promotion will be honored.
  13. In case of any query you are strongly advised to contact the office.
  14. Should you require transport to/from outside of a Stevenage address we would be grateful if you could contact the office
        for the correct pricing structure.
  15. For local pick-ups drivers will wait for 5 mins. Then they are at liberty to charge customers waiting time at the meter rate
        (tariff sheets available within all vehicles).
        Customers who require drivers to wait are requested to inform the driver of a realistic waiting time and adhere to the
        agreed timescale.
        (Customers should note that waiting times may impact on travelling time and may result in journey delays).
  16. If a customer fails to arrive for a scheduled journey (either on the outward or return journey) the Company reserves the
        right to retain all or part of the charge made for the driver's time and inconvenience.
  17. Customers are requested to check and double check their booking details. The Company cannot be held responsible for
        misleading or inaccurate information provided by the Customer. The Company will arrange refund of the COST OF THE FARE
        charged (minus any administration fee) for those journeys that have to be cancelled and have not involved any cost to the
        Company. (For example, a driver and vehicle have NOT been sent to the pickup point).
        The Company recommends contacting them as soon as possible if a change/alteration/cancellation is to be made
        so that a refund can be arranged without delay. (Proof of charges may be required).
        Alternatively a credit may be authorized against the customer's future travel.
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